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Spoor, Koko (L) Brandy (R)“Dr. Donop is gifted to the point he does not have to stand behind strict protocols for customer interactions and dialogue. He is down to earth and simply tells it like it is. He is the most gifted and honest veterinarian I know.

I spent over $2500 at other locations to determine my dog needed left rear knee surgery and a plate installed.

Chiropractic and acupuncture made things worse. Nothing was done to alleviate the problem. Dr. Donop entered the patient room. I said the dog has a problem with the left rear leg. I said nothing of the previous information derived from the $2500 worth of medical work. He kneeled down, grabbed the dog’s leg and within 10 seconds told me exactly what the problem was. By 1:00 PM that afternoon, the dog had a plate installed in his left knee.

It has been 5 months since the repair. The dog can run as before. The repair is 100 percent successful.

The first 4 months take time for the owner as the dog cannot be off leash and run. With time, the dog can do more and more. After 4 months the dog can run again but we do not play tennis ball or encourage chasing of squirrels. We don’t want the other knee to break. The dog is a 10-year-old Golden Retriever. He is at 100 percent for his age. So you want to see where the dog will stay overnight at the hospital? They will let you walk back to the sleeping quarters with the dog. That is right; you are welcome to see their facilities. If you are to have surgery you are welcome to tour all the facilities including the surgical area. (You can look in; you can’t actually walk into the room). I’ve worked 8 years in hospitals, including surgical areas. Their facilities are modern and complete.

Above all, Dr. Donop is totally efficient and effective.”

Jerry Spoor