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Mer Lynn: Tail Amputation

4Treatment: Imaging and Surgery

Comments: Mer Lynn came in for a severely painful and necrotic tail. There had been no response to antibiotic and the tail was very odorous. Mer Lynn was unable to sit down and constantly licked the area.

Follow Up Care: A CT of the chest and tail were performed. A biopsy showed that the tail was cancerous. It was removed and Mer lynn recovered well.

Fizzy: Ate Part of a Christmas Ornament

1Treatment: Endoscopy

Comments: Fizzy a 5 month old schnauzer ate part of a Christmas ornament yesterday. He had x-rays done every couple of hours and they showed that the wire was not passing out of the stomach. The owner was told that her options were either endoscopy or surgery. They were then referred here for an upper GI scope to remove it. The wire end with the tin cap were successfully removed.

Louie: Canine with Large Mass Under Neck

4Treatment: Imaging and Surgery

Comments: Louie, an 8 1/2 year old Labrador, was presented with a grapefruit size mass under his neck.

Follow Up Care: We cat scanned him within the hour of his visit. The cat scan showed no other involvement elsewhere in the body. The mass was very involved with the trachea and the carotid artery. The next step for Louie was surgical removal. He returned 2 days later and it was removed.