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Jilly: Canine Knee Injury

1Treatment: Imaging and Surgery

Comments: Jilly, a 5 year old female mix breed came in because of an acute lamenss on the right rear leg. There was significant pain and swelling in the right knee.

Follow Up Care: An xray of the knee along with physical exam findings showed a torn ACL in the right knee. A TTA surgery was performed to repair and stabilize the knee.

Grayson: Feline Broken Femur

1Treatment: Imaging and Surgery

Comments: Grayson, a 2 year old male Maine Coon presented with a significant lameness on the left rear leg after falling from the kitchen counter.

Follow Up Care: An xray was inconclusive and a CT scan was performed that revealed a fracture in the growth plate of the left femur. The head of the femur was pinned back into position and he was sent home with cage confinement and medication.

Girl: Canine Oral Disease

2Treatment: Dental

Comments: Girl, a 16 year old Blue Heeler came in for a routine exam and was found to have severe dental tartar with pain with gingivitis.

Follow Up Care: The tartar was scraped off, the teeth were polished and mouth was disinfected. Gingival pockets were filled with antibiotic gel and she was put on antibiotics.