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Gata: Feline Oral Stomatitis

2Treatment: Dental

Comments: Gata, a 16 year old, female, domestic short hair had chronic oral pain and difficulty eating.

Follow Up Care: Extreme sores and pain where found in her mouth and dental xrays revealed retain tooth roots after extractions had been preformed at previous hospital. The tooth roots were removed and she was sent home with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

Sky: Canine Seizures

1Treatment: Therapy

Comments: Sky, a 12 year old male lab, presented with seizures, was unable to walk at times and drooling excessively. We conducted a cat scan. The results of the scan showed life threatening swelling of the brain. Within the next hour, Dr. Donop had performed a spinal tap which showed bacterial meningitis. Sky’s brain swelling was decreased with rapid acting diuretics, antibiotics, and steroids.

Yemaya: Jaguar Mass on Abdomen

1Treatment: Surgery

Comments: Yemaya, a 9 1/2 year old Jaguar from the Austin Zoo, came to us with a large swelling on her abdomen/groin area. The suspected abscess was opened to allow for drainage. Antibiotics and antiinflammatories were prescribed.

Follow Up Care: Monitored for changes in size and shape. The growth had not responded to medical treatment and it was surgically removed with biopsies sent for evaluation.