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Laser Declaw Cats Austin“Other Austin vets refer their toughest cases to these folks. They offer advanced equipment and techniques, and they fall into the way-above-average, best-of-the-best category. I chose them as my regular vets and that decision is probably why my 17-year old cat is sitting beside me, happy and alive right now. AVDH brought my pet back from the brink twice and for two unrelated issues. Aside from being brilliant diagnosticians and surgeons, they are lovely people. Bright, caring, communicative, open, collaborative.

They have a lot of passion for what they do, deep respect for the pets they serve, and sensitivity toward pet owners. Right up to having separate dog and cat waiting rooms. All three docs are hair-on-fire smart; Donop, Varga, Kneupper all do a great job.

Really, Can’t say enough good things. Love them, they are my heroes. I am grateful every day for their saving the life of my best friend, and grateful for how much they cared about her while saving her, too.” ~ Sp Cj (Via Google Reviews)