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Jasper: Feline Skin Mites

1Treatment: Surgery

Comments: Jasper, a 5 month old domestic short haired cat presented with long term, progressive itchy skin and hairloss on legs and body.

Follow Up Care: A skin scrape was performed and under the microscope, a rare mite called Demodex gatoi was identified. This contagious mite had been living in his skin causing the hairloss and itching.

Sadie: Swallowed BBQ Skewer

1Treatment: Surgery

Comments: Sadie, a four year old mixed breed dog swallowed a bacon wrapped steak with the metal skewer still inside. She began vomiting frequently after and was brought to the hospital for evaluation.

Follow Up Care: Sadie was taken in for xrays, which discovered that the metal skewer had stopped at the large intestine. Surgery was performed to remove the metal before further damage could occur.

Ogryzek: Dog Fight

1Treatment: Surgery

Comments: Ogryzek, a three year old, male Schnauzer was attacked by two dogs while on a walk with his owner. He had severe trauma and lacerations to his back, abdomen and rear legs. The right rear legs had significant muscle damage and a hernia had occurred in the abdomen just behind the ribs.

Brittney: Lower Back Pain

1Treatment: Imaging and Surgery

Comments: Brittney, a 14 year old female dachshund had a history of back problems. She presented with acute pain and stumbling in the rear legs. A cat scan was performed which showed a slipped disk in the lumbar spine. Brittney was placed on anti-inflammatories and pain medication. Surgery was recommended if no improvement while on medication.