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My dog Nino had contracted HGE and had a high white blood count and high Lymphoid cell counts. After visiting with his regular Vet and another Vet and an ER stay all in 2 days, Nino was still not recovering, and things were looking down. My spouse and I read the reviews at Austin Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital, and we knew this place was going to offer the level of care that our dog required.

Upon arrival, Nino was surprisingly calm for his 4th hospital visit in 3 days. The staff was caring and knowledgeable. I saw Dr. Sarah Kneupper and technician Samantha Cook. Both of these women took the time to understand as best they could what was going on and worked quickly to see what they could do for him. After listening to the recommendation options that were given to us, Nino was able to walk out of their office feeling better, eating, and playing compared to his last 3 Vet visits where he was not able to even stand, respond, and we thought he was going to die. If you can get here, I URGE you to make the trip and see how this wonderful facility can help your family! Oh, and they are very affordable!”
Tracy Hall