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Bladder Disease

Bladder DiseaseWhat is urinary bladder disease?

Signs of urinary bladder disease are due to inflammation in the bladder wall. The bladder of dogs and cats can become infected, produce stones/crystals, and develop growths as well as tumors. Cats can also suffer from an inflammatory condition called idiopathic cystitis. Proper treatment  requires diagnosis of its cause.

How does AVDH diagnose this painful condition?

Because we have an on-site ultrasound, it can be quickly diagnosed. With a quick diagnosis, we move swiftly into treating this disease and relieving your pet’s pain. In determining the cause, we conduct urinalysis and microscopic urine exams.

How does AVDH treat it?

Many cases respond to medicine and diet change, but some also require surgery. The doctors are highly trained in removing bladder stones, tumors, and polyps, and conducting pelvic urethrostomies.

Why is our care exceptional?

Austin Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital has the experience, staff, equipment, and facility to quickly perform the diagnostics and treatments necessary in addressing this painful condition.

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