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Endoscopic Sock Removal

Patient: 3 year old Male, Sheltie

Symptoms: Chronic Vomiting

Patient was anesthetized allowing AVDH staff to exam the stomach with a fiber optic endoscope. The 2mm working channel with attached camera checks for foreign bodies, parasites, tumors or ulcers, all of which could result in chronic vomiting. With endoscopy the animal is given a short anesthetic and awakes with no pain, no incision and no recovery time. When applicable endoscopy is the preferred method for foreign body removal.

This video shows the endoscope being inserted into the stomach. A dark foreign body is visible. A three prong grasping forcept attached to the working channel allows the sock to be gently removed via the esophagus. After the first sock was removed, a follow up endoscopic exam revealed a second sock in the stomach. The second sock was removed in like fashion.

This procedure eliminated the need to do an extensive abdominal surgery.

In this case the dog was under anesthesia for less 15 minutes. The last photo is the dog walking out of AVDH happy and healthy.