Hemilaminectomy correcting slipped or herniated discs in the spine

Hemilaminectomy is a surgical procedure that we perform on a regular basis for canine patients at our hospital. It is useful for correcting slipped or herniated discs in the spine. If your dog is having difficulty walking or has pain or lameness, a compressed spine might be the culprit.


Sometimes anti-inflammatories or other joint medication can resolve the discomfort, but if limited mobility and discomfort persist, the condition can be further assessed for alternative treatment options.

When additional diagnostics are needed, a CAT scan can be performed to determine if surgery is needed. The imaging can pinpoint the exact location of the slip or herniation, which is followed by surgery on the affected area to remove the obstruction.

Once the disc material is removed, regular movement of the spine is restored after periods of rest, recovery, and rehabilitation.

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