Bandit is doing great!

Hi ya’ll! Sasha and Bandit are doing great! They love their big back yard and their toys and new beds. Last night, 1st night home they acted like they were having a slumber party in the bedroom. Bandit was instigating Sasha, then picked his bed up and threw it in the air, this action went on for 45 min! Finally got them settled down and they slept in their beds in the bedroom.

Bandit-1-e1466008336323 (1)

Sasha already asked to get on the couch, and of course feels very much at home here! Bandit on the other hand has some discipline issues that we will work on, he thinks he should help me make coffee in the morning, my counters are high then most but the feet come up on the counter, he and I are learning. He also must smell Dottie and Pudge. He has marked on a few things, I thought if was a bathroom issue but realized it was furniture that Dottie and Pudge used to be on and around. I guess once he feels like his odor is here, he will stop.

I did catch him in the moment before he was going to mark on the day bed, and he was good and didn’t do it! Sasha plays ball and wants to chase it, we did lots of that yesterday and today. They chase each other in the yard, up on the deck and everywhere! Sasha started the game you told me about where you jump, we did that today! They were soooo happy when they got up this morning, big wags and kisses! There in their beds currently, taking naps, kind of windy out today. I think they are a little worn out from the transition. Rest assured, they are happy and will be well cared for and loved! They know this is HOME! Will talk with ya’ll soon. Melissa