Blu’s Story ~ Three Legs and a Free Spirit!

Blu’s story began on Christmas Day when we noticed he was limping at the dog park after some rough play with his best buddy Moose. We brought him in to see Dr. Barrett Donop at Austin Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital. At first, we thought it was just a sprain, so he rested for a few weeks, but the limp was getting worse, and a little knot was forming on the side of his wrist.

Dr. Donop felt it was time to X-ray and do a biopsy, and we received some news we were not ready to receive. Blu had cancer in his leg, and it was so bad that it had eaten away at his bone, so the only option was amputation or put him down.

We couldn’t imagine putting him down, but we also had a hard time thinking what it would be like for Blu to have three legs? He is so active and crazy, and I would feel terrible if he was just forced to sit around all day like he had been doing the last few months. We couldn’t decide until one day I walked in the house, and he ran out the front door and down the hill behind our house just like he used to! Almost showing us that he could do it!

We called Dr. Donop the next day, and after he said he has always believed Blu would handle having three legs beautifully, we decided to go ahead with the amputation. Dr. Donop did another set of X-rays to confirm there wasn’t any cancer in his chest or lungs, and when they came back clear, he did the surgery right after.

Seeing Blu with just three legs was quite shocking for me when I picked him up the next day, but he ran to me like he had all four legs! It was the best decision we ever made. He is so happy and runs and plays just like he used to. I always felt like I didn’t believe in amputating a leg on a large dog, but I do now!! And without the help and support from Dr. Donop, I don’t think we would have done it. He made us feel sure that Blu could handle it, and Blu proves that to us every day.

Thank you Dr. Donop and everyone who helped with Blu’s surgery!!! 

Love, Kate and Seth

“Amputations are always a difficult decision for clients to come to terms with, and Blu was certainly no exception. However, the end result is so rewarding, and to see Blu run, pain-free, is amazing and a true testament of the free spirit he is.”

Barrett Donop, DVM