Meet Bandit

Bandit arrived at Austin Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital with a draining tract on his face that had been present for nine months. His owner visited a couple of veterinary clinics where antibiotics were prescribed, and a needed dental cleaning was performed. However, the abscess on his lower jaw would not go away.

At our hospital, Dr. Kneupper recommended a Cat Scan (CT) of Bandit’s head to further evaluate the tissue below the draining lesion. What she found was a surprise.


Bandit’s owner noted that he always had difficulty opening his jaws and just presumed it was a birth defect. Bandit was a dog rescued from West Texas through our Wags to Riches program, so his previous history was unknown.

On the CT, we found that Bandit had previously been shot, fracturing his jaw and causing a piece of bone to break off. That particular bone fragment died, and over the years, festered into a source of infection. We performed surgery and easily removed it.

Months later, Bandit is doing well, and his face is completely healed!

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