Meet Walker!

Last December, Walker came to us for vomiting after eating, and Dr. Donop found high liver values and recommended hospitalization with intensive care. After a few days, there was no improvement , and his gallbladder was worsening.

That’s when Dr. Donop decided to remove the obstructed gallbladder, along with placing a feeding tube in his esophagus. After a couple of days of recovery, Walker remained very sick. Luckily, he improved enough to spend Christmas at home with his family.


But then, a Christmas miracle happened! On Christmas Eve Walker began eating on his own! His feeding tube was removed soon after, and his blood work passed with flying colors! He’s back to being a normal, happy, energetic dog again! Walker’s story is one of hope and healing thanks to a team effort by his owners, Dr. Donop, and the entire AVDH staff.

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