Same day laboratory results

Our clients benefit from our fully equipped on-site lab by being provided with same day results on many different diagnostic machines. We strive to keep our lab pertinent with the best technology in order to provide our clients with the most information possible about their animals. We do this with the four different machines that make up our lab.

Catalyst One Machine

This machine is a chemistry analyzer for specialized testing. It allows us to diagnose early kidney disease, a range of hormonal problems, and monitor phenobarbital levels for our seizure patients.


Alfa Wasserman Vet Axel

This blood analyzer gives fast, reference grade results in house for same day diagnostics of most organ function, including kidney, liver, and thyroid.

Zoetis HM-5

This hematology analyzer counts and inspects blood cells. The information provided by this machine allows us to diagnose a wide range of blood disorders, infections and the potential for cancer.


Truforma By Zomedica

This machine is a state of the art, bulk acoustic wave analyzer with canine optimized cortisol assays for monitoring and diagnosing patients with Cushings and Addison’s disease.