Pet Cases


Meet Layla

Meet Layla!   She is an 11-year old boxer. Several years ago, she suffered a cruciate rupture. The rupture was repaired surgically but, unfortunately, the ligament on the other knee also ruptured.   This is a predictable outcome following the first surgery. Often there are predisposing factors that cause the initial rupture, and these factors may affect the other knee, as well.   During the…


Meet Bandit

Meet Bandit! Bandit arrived at Austin Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital with a draining tract on his face that had been present for nine months. His owner visited a couple of veterinary clinics where antibiotics were prescribed, and a needed dental cleaning was performed. However, the abscess on his lower jaw would not go away. At our hospital, Dr. Kneupper recommended a Cat Scan (CT) of…


Meet Walker

Meet Walker! Last December, Walker came to us for vomiting after eating, and Dr. Donop found high liver values and recommended hospitalization with intensive care. After a few days, there was no improvement , and his gallbladder was worsening. That’s when Dr. Donop decided to remove the obstructed gallbladder, along with placing a feeding tube in his esophagus. After a couple of days of recovery,…