Suzie Q’s Story

Susie Q greeted my geriatric miniature pinscher at the door when I brought him to see Dr. Donop for a wellness exam. Though I wasn’t actively looking for another dog, I’d been thinking of getting a companion for my old fellow. It quickly became evident that Susie Qs friendly, calm energy was a great match for Rascal (rescued several years ago). I was thus excited to learn that she was available for adoption.


After walking the dogs together and then hanging around the clinic for much longer than necessary, I decided to take Susie Q home on a ‘trial’ basis. (Precluding any unforeseen problems, I’d already decided that she had a new forever home.) Susie Q had a calming effect on Rascal during the ride home. A pack walk before coming in the house helped the dogs deepen their developing bond. Still on leashes, we explored the new environment together before some off-leash time. The dogs got along as though they’d always been together! Each initiated play and both sensed when it was time to stop. Back in the house; Susie Q quickly learned her boundaries and limitations.

She soon took to the brush and overcame her initial trepidation with the stairs – now bounding up and down at will. Thankfully, she also holds her waste until taken outside on a regular schedule. Though not planned for the first night, Susie Q joined Rascal in my bed. They quickly adjusted to one another. I, however, was a bit surprised when I awoke the next morning to a ‘strange’ little dog sleeping on the pillow next to mine! Sweet Susie Q is a regular ‘love sponge’ ‘lap lizard’ who gets along with everyone. I’m blessed to have another dog to love and Rascal is blessed to have a companion who likes to play but still respects his age-related limitations. My household has definitely gone to the dogs! Thank you Oak Springs staff for allowing me to have Susie Q forever. Thanks again for this sweet little girl, Paul